Month: November 2014

Norse Mythology and the development of the Norwegian language and regligion.

The strong title development Ymir is described in another the title databases, of the þulur, of Snorri’s Edda for ‘hawk’, like a heiti, an associated title. As in without doubt we’re such the Title comes from ymja ‘to scream’ and

Learn Norwegian and Scandianvian language and cultural impact on Europe

The written sources are often not sufficient to supply responses to any or all questions that are asked Of them, and in certain cases, current historiographical problems that could lead researchers to more questions.1 One recurring theme throughout this work

There is so much to learn from Norwegian School Online – Build your complete knowledge!

No matter what reason there is the need to learn Norwegian, you have the chance to gain an incredible about of Norwegian education at one site, Norwegian School Online. Not only is the ability to learn the specific language level

The Entire History of Your Norwegian Ancestry is Available Online… Experience Your Heritage!

There are descendants of the fascinating Norwegian history all over the world… Are you one of them? Several generations of Norwegian natives, including the Vikings and others into the 18th and 19th centuries, made their way around the world to

The Best Way to Learn Norwegian Includes Online Classes

Finding online courses that offer both audio and video of Norwegian being spoken include one of the best ways to learn Norwegian, no matter what your reason for learning may be. Given the unique dialects and pronunciation of Norwegian it

Considering a Move to Norway? Learn a Few Things Ahead of Time!

Before a move to Norway, there is more to learn than simply a new language. There are many Norwegian requirements that can be learned online before planning a move, even before you decide if it is necessary to learn the

Are You Considering Taking Your Business Overseas? Look at Norway!

Norway is a small country with all of its citizens taken care of, especially the children… Mothers and fathers alike are able to go back to work after having a new child and receive state-funded childcare without placing any pressure

What should you Learn Before a Trip to Norway

If you are looking to take a trip to Norway to experience the Northern Lights and beautiful scenery, you may want to consider a little self-preparation before hopping on that plane. There are places like the Norwegian School Online where